Your Involvement Strengthens the Success of Women

NWIIWA has four principal committees that govern and manage the organization’s activities. By involving yourself in a committee and providing your input, you can help shape professional opportunities for women in our region for generations to come.

NWIIWA makes a concerted effort to preserve the time of its members, who are not only busy leading companies, but also communities, and families. Joining a NWIIWA committee is the best way to make the biggest possible impact in NWI with a minimal investment of your time.

NWIIWA’s four committees include:

  • Executive – The Executive Committee governs the policies and activities of NWIIWA. Its members come from many of the region’s leading companies, all of which have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the success of women. Members are appointed to their positions based on their level of engagement with the organization and the alignment of their company’s goals with NWIIWA’s objective to strengthen career development for women of all professional levels.
  • Education & Networking Events – This committee will spearhead educational topics, speakers, and presentations throughout the year – one of the core pillars of NWIIWA. It will also develop networking events, from industry specific gatherings to meet-and-greets within our Premier Partner’s Facilities. This committee will also serve as a go-to resource to help form new connections when members are seeking information, advancement, and opportunities.
  • Mentoring – The mentoring committee works to link exemplary examples of successful professionals with potential mentees that are on their way to the top. NWIIWA’s founding members all share a commonality in that each had the opportunity to learn from individuals that guided them throughout their careers. Today, this committee works to facilitate the same opportunities.
  • Awards Banquet – The Influential Women of Northwest Indiana awards banquet provided the inception for NWIIWA that jump-started the whole association. The Awards Banquet Committee will work on nominations submissions for future Influential Women candidates, mentor nominees on their applications, and assist with banquet planning and organization.

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