Ambassador Committee


The core mission of the Ambassador Committee is to undertake a pivotal responsibility in establishing a connection between NWIIWA and its members. This involves facilitating a seamless flow of communication and assisting all members in wholeheartedly embracing their affiliation with NWIIWA.

What is the Ambassador Committee:

The Ambassador Committee is a vital bridge connecting NWIIWA with its members. Ambassadors play an active role in fostering connections between both fresh and established members, embodying the essence of NWIIWA. Their presence cultivates an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism, laying the foundation to create and maximize meaningful business connections.


  • To boost the visibility of NWIIWA across the region, aiding in maximizing benefits for our current members, and extending invitations to other enterprises to become part of NWIIWA.
  • To design an outreach initiative targeting current members, with special emphasis on those who have recently joined, thereby amplifying member retention efforts.
  • To champion increased engagement, networking, and active participation among new members during all NWIIWA gatherings and functions.
  • To extend a warm welcome to new and renewed members, either through greetings or in-person visits, and to educate members on how they can maximize their NWIIWA membership.

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Committee Chairs

Alyssa Gawlinski REjournals (219) 741-5718

Committee Members

Linda Brooks BCH, Inc. (219) 241-4705
Lisa Kuehl Horizon Bank (219) 246-5741
Andrea Pearman Diversified Marketing Strategies (219) 226-0300