2022 Influential Women Awards Banquet – September 29, 2022

Every aspect of life here in Northwest Indiana is shaped by powerful women. They carve new paths, launch new ventures, save lives, teach the young, and so much more. Women make a tremendous impact and they often do it without recognition.

That’s why the Influential Women awards banquet was created.

This event celebrates the achievements of women and gives them a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. It also provides companies the opportunity to demonstrate their support for women in their fields.

We hope that you’ll join us and share in the excitement of this incredible event.

How Does It All Work?

  • NWIIWA takes pride that there is no cost to nominate, become a finalist, or win at the Influential Women Awards Banquet.
  • Everything starts with nominations. Anyone can nominate, you do not need to be a NWIIWA member. There is no cost.
  • All nominees are sent a congratulatory letter along with an application for them to fill out. There is no cost for nominees submit their applications.
  • All applications are kept confidential and are reviewed by the judges in their field of choice, who are past Influential Women winners. NWIIWA staff does not participate in the judging.
  • Judging is based solely on the submitted applications.
  • Judges determine the finalists in each of the 12 categories and a congratulatory letter is sent to each finalist. Being a finalist is a huge achievement.
  • All finalists are recognized at the annual awards banquet. NWIIWA assists any finalist that needs a ticket.
  • Winners in each category are kept in secrecy until the evening of the banquet.
Nominate Today!

Not Just for Women

This event celebrates the joint efforts of women, men, and companies working together to improve businesses and the community in which we live. All are welcome!

FAQs and What to Expect:

  • The evening is structured to enable networking. Networking will be from 5PM to 6:30PM.
  • Finalists will be awarded a medallion at registration. The medallion allows others to easily congratulate you and network with you.
  • Last year’s alumnae will receive their alumna medallion at registration.
  • There will be a photo staging area for pictures with colleagues, family, and friends.
  • During the program, each category will be announced separately. Every name is announced. Winners are kept in strict confidence until the announcement.
  • Networking will continue following the program until 9PM.
  • Any dietary requirements should be sent to info@nwiiwa.org at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • Requests for refunds must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event. Tickets are not refundable within two (2) weeks before the scheduled event date. Sponsorships are non-refundable.

Influential and Up-and-Coming?

  • Influential winners and Up-and-Coming winners are similar, but they are distinguished by length of time served in one’s current industry role.
  • Generally, Influential winners have more than 10 years in their field. Up-and-Coming winners generally have less than 10 years in their field.
  • Sometimes these time lengths are adjusted based on the experience levels of the finalists.


  • The nomination packets are reviewed and judged by alumna from their respective categories.
  • Alumni submit their rating sheets. Once all rating sheets are calculated, an Influential Woman and an Up-and-Coming Woman in each category are selected.
  • Disclaimer: NWIIWA does not judge the nomination packets. All judging is done by alumnae panels. Information about finalists and winners in any category will not be shared.

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